GCR: 02 – 03.06.15

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Blade Runner Translunarfied – Translunar
Deep Space – Blokkmonsta
Volcanic Machinery – Dynatron & Perturbator 
From Beyond – Compilerbau
Goblin Phenomena – Nightcrawler
Noir Dark City – SelloRekT/LA Dreams
Gotham City – Batman Soundtrack – Bit_biters Edit
Ghost Dancers Slay Together – Perturbator
Technoir – Perturbator
Minuit (Feat Dead Astronauts) – Perturbator
One Fine Day – unknown

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GCR: 01 – 06.02.13


Bat Runner

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The End of Something Incomplete —  Yu5aku

Where Will I Be — Yu5aku

Asif on Acid — Tollaut

Dangerous Days — Yuan Mekong

Out of the Sound Prism — Lights of Aeon

Lift Up Your Eyes and Take a Deep Breath — Night Note

Gathring of the Masters — Lights of Aeon

Ford Model T=A — MC Rumblebasskin (f. Self-Medication)

Digital Sunset — Peaceful Squall

My Dark Heart — Paul Dye

The Gyre — Paul Dye

Deathlife — Runner

1991 Wicked Blade Runner — Group

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GCR Ep 00 – 05.27.13

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Gotham City Radio Episode 00: Sweet Dreams, Insomniacs.

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“Logical” – Mike Andrews
“Old School Memories – ELECTROSFERA
“Space Station – Transmission” – Bernard Lampreia
“Space Station – Hyperspace” – Bernard Lampreia
“Lost” – Analog Sweden presents Blade Runner the Tribute

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